08 February 2011

Slash Gear Superbowl 2011

Slash Gear Superbowl 2011Slash Gear Superbowl 2011Slash Gear Superbowl 2011

Slash’s performance was awesome, but the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” solo wouldn’t be complete with out some of his kickass wah mastery. Most of us already know that Slash uses his signature Crybaby wah for this part of the iconic song, but for you youngsters out there who don’t, let me enlighten you.

Slash teamed up with Dunlop to design the Slash wah (pictured above)—having always had a wah as part of his recording and live rigs. The SW-95 Slash wah was designed to give the sweep and tone that is signature to Slash’s legendary wah-wah tone. As an added bonus, the wah is equipped with a distortion circuit the gives him added sustain.

via | Dunlop Blog

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