29 December 2010

Dave Kilminster of Roger Waters Band (Guitar Setup)

Dave Kilminster, guitar player for the Roger Waters Band is one cool dude! He treated your boys at DunlopTV like royalty and had us onstage to go through the gear he is using on the current The Wall tour. If you like The Wall or at all interested in Pink Floyd tones, you will want to see this. Dave gives us the rundown on amps and pedals, and even plays a couple of licks. Then we got to sit and enjoy one hell of a rock show. We have been to them all, and this one was the best, by far! If you have not checked out this performance, search youtube for clips and watch as many of them as you can. Each one of those bricks is the size of a refridgerator box! This show is top-notch from top-to-bottom and start-to-finish. It WILL blow you away. And Dave kills every sweep, every bend, and every note he plays.

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