15 November 2010

Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) Pedalboard 2010

Stephen Carpenter Pedalboard

On the board is an MXR Carbon Copy delay, CAE Boost/Line Driver, MXR Blue Box, MXR EVH Phase 90, MXR Micro Chorus, Z.Vex Ringtone, Z.Vex Lo-Fi Loop Junky, MXR Smart Gate, MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, TC Electronic PolyTune, ProTone Christian Olde Wolbers Signature Pre Amp, MXR EVH Flanger, Z.Vex SeekWah, Z.Vex Machine, and Z.Vex Fuzz Factory. Not pictured is a CAE controller for all of the effects, DigiTech Whammy, and volume pedal.

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