04 August 2010

Vox Ice 9 Overdrive

This is the new Vox Ice 9 Overdrive Pedal from Vox and Joe Satriani. The Vox Ice 9 covers all of Joe's overdrive needs with two switchable modes, a vintage mode for sweet, classic drive, and a modern mode that kicks in a Germanium diode for a more aggressive tone. The Ice 9's Gain and volume knobs can take you from gentle dirt to thick saturation, and the Tone knob's EQ curve matches Joe Satriani 's exact settings for huge tones. You can beef up the bass before it hits the drive stage with the Bass Response knob, enhancing the punchy low-frequency attack of this pedal. Need a little extra sumpin' for solos? The Vox Ice 9 Overdrive is there for you with a "More" switch that kicks in 14dB of volume boost for epic solos.

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