28 April 2010

Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive

The Blackout Effectors Mantra is capable of bringing together two worlds of overdrive. This unique pedal can provide vintage overdrive as well as incredibly dirty and crusty distortion tones. With a whole lot of crunch and thunder on tap, the Blackout Effectors Mantra is comfortable in both domains of overdrive. The wide variety of overdrive options inherent in the Mantra will satisfy classic rock players needing that extra drive in their tone, as well as dirty rock n rollers who want some real nastiness and drive in their sound. The secret to the Mantra is that is utilizes an amp-like circuit that has multiple cascaded MOSFET and JFET gain stages. It is handmade with discrete components and no diode clipping. This design creates a completely organic and touch sensitive overdrive that also provides deep and resonant tone when you clean up with your guitars volume knob. The result is that the Blackout Effectors Mantra mingles equally well with vintage voiced single coils as with hot humbuckers, making it easy to go from dynamic melodies to crushing rhythms with just a turn of your guitars volume knob. Not only will the Mantra meld well with single coils or humbuckers, it will equally at home with Fender or Marshall voiced amplifiers due to its Baxandall-style EQ. With this feature, both Treble and Bass controls interact dynamically with each other for scooped mids or mid-emphasized crunch -

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