30 March 2010

Scream For Ozzy!

Ozzy Osbourne is to call his new album Scream – and the first single will be premiered in an episode of CSI:NY.

Originally, Osbourne was to call the record Soul Sucka, but changed his mind after a massively negative fan reaction.

The Ozz-man told Classic Rock in January: “The fans just don’t seem to like it. As soon as it was announced, people were really negative about it. They just weren’t gonna but T-shirts with that on.

The record, the first to feature new guitarist Gus G., is to be released in July. But new single Let Me Hear You Scream will be played for the first time in an upcoming episode of CSI:NY. This will happen in America on April 14. If you’re out there, then make a note of the time: 10pm (on both coasts).

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