24 February 2010

The Yngwie Malmsteen cigar humidor!

Yes, folks, the Yngwie Malmsteen - er, sorry, the Yngwie J Malmsteen - Signature Collection Humidor in stock now. To which, all we can say is "WTF?"

Yngwie Malmsteen cigar humidor

Apparently, smoking guitar riffs aren't all that's on Yngwie's mind, for he's loaned his likeness to what is described by distributor TLG Canada as "the ultimate fan collector's item!"

The company adds: "For cigar smokers this is a real treat....and all other YJM fans....this is a beautiful wooden masterpiece that can be used to store anything from jewelery, photos and more!"

Honestly, we're still trying to figure out how cigars and Yngwie Malmsteen go together, but in any event, the product features a black high-gloss lacquer finish and a Spanish cedar-lined interior with sealing edges. It holds between 50-75 stogies.

Yngwie and moonlight...ooooh!

Oh, yes, and the most important part: the "unique" image of Yngwie J Malmsteen in what the company calls a "moonlit setting" (we're starting to get ill).

And if that weren't enough, you also get a laser rendering of Yngwie's personal signature (handwritten by Yngwie, reproduced for humidor print for TLG Canada).

TLG states that a "limited number of units produced worldwide," so if you simply must get your hands on the Yngwie J Malmsteen Signature Collection Humidor (and really, why are you waiting?), go ahead and unleash the fury - we mean your credit cards. You can order one, or all of them, at the TLG website.

Should TLG wish to send a review copy filled with Cuban Cohibas, hey, we won't try to stop you.


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