27 February 2010

Schecter Damien Elite FR

The Schecter Damien Elite FR is a punishing instrument of mass destruction at a price that will not devastate your bank account. These exceptionally crafted instruments are for guitarists who need unmatched tone and features for extreme and intense music styles. The stylings of the Schecter Damien Elite FR will definitely demand attention and respect. With the quilted maple top available in three finishes, let the your sinister nature shine through with see-through black, dark metallic blue, and crimson red. Added to this is black chrome hardware, multi-ply binding, stained cross inlays, and a lightning fast 24 fret 25.5 scale bolt-on neck with extra jumbo frets. The pickups have been heard on countless recordings, and have defined the sound of heavy, intense, and skull-crushing music the EMG 81/85 active pickup set. Go from pristine cleans to pounding rhythm to terrifying lead tones, this set does it all. The Schecter Damien Elite FR is also equipped with a Floyd Rose Special, for astounding tuning stability. Let your inner wild child roam free with the ability to do sick dive bombs, extreme pull-up whammy techniques, and everything in between. The Schecter Damien Elite FR is ready for all styles of music. From progressive and melodic styles to the most extreme music you can craft, the Damien Elite FR is an instrument of perfect expression.

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