24 February 2010

MXR Black Label Chorus

The MXR Black Label Chorus is not your typical chorus pedal, because it is crafted and modeled after Zakk Wyldes own tone and style. This is Zakks secret weapon a stereo chorus that thickens up solos and adds some lush texture to the cleans, without taking away from his monstrous tone. This is a true bypass analog chorus pedal that is completely vintage in its tone, but thoroughly modern in its abilities. The tone shaping abilities of the MXR Black Label Chorus are amazing, with separate high and low tone cut controls. Add to the Level, Depth, and Rate knobs, and you can get some astounding chorus tones. From lush analog chorus effects to Leslie styled sounds, the MXR Black Label Chorus provides an amazing array of chorus effects. The tone cuts can really shape your tone, and with some creative knob tweaking, you can muster some utterly original and startling chorus effects. This wouldnt mean a whole lot unless the sound was pristine. This is a vintage sounding chorus pedal with high quality analog circuitry that delivers astounding chorus effects. Add this chorus effect to some thundering solos, and you have unlocked the secret of rich and thick solo tones.

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