11 February 2010

Ibanez Steve Vai UV77REMC, New RGD Models & Ashula Fret/Fretless Bass

First, we get to see the new Steve Vai UV77REMC has a five-piece maple/bubinga neck, basswood body, rosewood fingerboard and DiMarzio Blaze pickups.

Next, we get to see the new RGD models, which feature three-piece maple necks, basswood body and bound rosewood fingerboards. These guitars are specifically made with the drop-tune player in mind.

Lastly, we have the Ashula fret/fretless bass. This unique bass has a jatoba/ bubinga neck, light ash body, rosewood fingerboard and features the Mono-Rail IV bridge system. Also, it comes loaded with the Sonic Arch and Sonic Arch mini pickups.

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