16 February 2010

Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model

Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model
Guthrie Govan's continuing ascendancy as an unparalleled all-around virtuoso in the electric guitar community has prompted us to work closely with Guthrie and making sure that his requirements as an artist and player are met so that he can focus on creating music and playing the guitar to the best of his ability. We were well aware that Guthrie had been playing mostly set-neck guitars during his formative years honing his style and sound, so it was natural for us to talk to Guthrie about developing a set-neck version of his first Signature model that was introduced in 2009.

When the idea of the set-neck version of the Modern came up in middle of 2009, an all-Mahogany set-neck version of the GG Signature Model seemed like a natural addition as Guthrie had intimated that a simple satin-finish "beater" version might be a cool thing to have around. Featuring a completely new body-neck joint design by John Suhr, the new Guthrie Govan Signature Set-Neck Model is everything that Guthrie could have hoped for and more. We did away with the beautiful figured Maple top and matching headstock for a simple all-Mahogany look with Pau Ferro fingerboard. The result is less top end brilliance with a more focused and cohesive midrange. The natural satin finish gives off an organic woody look as well as a very woody tonal character. It also means Guthrie doesn't have to worry as much about the guitar getting scratches or dings as he travels all around the world during various concert and clinic tours.

The set-neck construction of this new model imparts quite different tonal characteristics and feel from its bolt-on counterpart and you will notice the difference the moment you hold this guitar in your hands and start playing. Contrary to popular belief, Mahogany is not dark - not at all. It just has a distinctive hump in the mid-midrange frequency that both John Suhr and Guthrie refer to as "honk." The low-mids and the high-mids are still there but the mid-mids are simply more pronounced, giving you that angry snarl and attack as well as warmth and smooth even sustain. Mahogany is great for cutting through a dense mix but without the strident highs. The lows are tight and focused, allowing rapidly picked notes or smooth legato lines to pop out with authority and clarity through an overdriven amp.

Other than the set-neck construction and being all-Mahogany with satin finish, all the other features are identical to the original Guthrie Govan Signature Model - the same neck shape, same fingerboard radius, same stainless jumbo frets, the same pickups, the same electronics, and the Tremol-No trem-locking system. You still get all the amazing versatility and exquisite playability but with a different visual aesthetic and tonal characteristics and feel of set-neck construction. It really combines the best of what have been two separate worlds: sleek double-cutaway bolt-on looks and playability with the sound and feel of set-neck construction with premium Honduras Mahogany. Give this guitar a whirl and experience what the best of all possible worlds can sound and feel like.

Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model Guthrie Govan Set-Neck Model

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Guthrie Govan explains his signature suhr guitar

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