02 February 2010

Devi Ever Rocket Fuzz

The Devi Ever Rocket fuzz is not for guitarists who want to play it safe. With two fuzz voices and oscillation, this one is for risk takers, noise makers, and earth shakers. This fuzz has the same amazing dirt and distorted sickness of the other Devi Ever fuzz boxes, but with a few extras that will send the weaklings crying all the way home. The volume knob provides a wide range of gain, and the intensity knob controls the first mode of fuzzs texture and gain. Now, here is where it gets fun. The Devi Ever Rocket has a more fuzz foot switch that engages the second fuzz voice and the knobs and switches on the right hand side. The gain knob controls the amount of fuzz that is coupled with the main fuzz voice, and controls the tremolo speed when the trem switch is engaged. Yes, a tremolo option for some truly chaotic nastiness. The power knob controls the level of your guitars signal, while also controlling the trem speed when the tremolo is engaged. The tremolo switch itself engages oscillation or an alternate tremolo sound. Got it? Two fuzz tones and an oscillation with pick sensitive dynamic tremolo mode. Not for the faint of heart. Time to blast off with the Devi Ever Rocket Fuzz. -

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