19 February 2010

Alex Hutchings Custom Fusion 3 Promo

Once again Alex Hutchings charms us with his extraordinary mastery of the guitar in this third series of rock and blues fusion solos and jam tracks. This package of 5 great new compositions will be available very soon. The package will include..
5 Large format videos
Audio files of all 5 solos
5 standard audio jam tracks minus solos
5 extended audio jam tracks minus solos
Tab and Powertab transcriptions of all 5 solos in both standard and EADGCF tunings
Bonus tab - backing riffs and rhythm parts

Alex's two previous packages can be found here....
Alex Hutchings

The amp used for this recording was a Laney GH50L fed into a Cornford 1 X 12 cab loaded with a Celestion G75T speaker.
NO PEDALS at all!

Mic's ...two sm57's One straight on near the edge of the speaker and the second just above at 45 degrees pointing inwards towards the centre.

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