04 January 2010

Devi Ever Disaster Fuzz

Yes, disasters can be beautiful. Just take the Devi Ever Disaster Fuzz. This fuzz pedal incorporates an oscillation that makes a disastrous mess of your guitar tone, but in a sweet way. Straight up, the Devi Ever Disaster Pedal has a massive fuzz tone at your disposal, providing skronky dirty gutter fuzz just like you like it. Turn the volume knob to your hearts content to get subtle or overpowering gain. The control knob is for dialing in the intensity necessary for your own home made disaster. Needing some more freakish skuzzy fuzz fun? Flip the switch for oscillating strangeness. With this switch flipped, the control knob will guide you along in mild to extreme amount of oscillation. Just the perfect complement to your next wave of disaster.

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