20 October 2009

Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition" - Win A Free Pedal!

Your chance to win a FREE T-Rex ToneBug Overdrive, ToneBug Reverb or copy of "Murphy's Law" (Lion Music)! Follow the instructions in the video:
1) All entries MUST subscribe to Milan Polak's YouTube channel first!
2) Download the "Torn" playback track: http://bit.ly/trex-bt
3) Record your own solo on video
4) MUST post as video response to THIS video!

All entries must be submitted BEFORE 7th of December 2009!!
Winners will be announced 14th of December 2009!!!


The "Torn" chord progression:
Emin - D/F# - Gmaj - Cmaj 2x
Gmaj - Cmaj - Emin - Dmaj
Fmaj - Cmaj - Gmaj - Gmaj
Key: E-minor (standard tuning)

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