04 August 2009

Tariqh Akoni's Gear

Tariqh Akoni Gear

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Tariqh Akoni Gear
Studio Rack
Tariqh Akoni Gear
“The Front Line” - 2005
Tariqh Akoni Gear
guitars for the 2004-5 Josh Groban tour
Tariqh Akoni Gear
pedalboard - 2005
Tariqh Akoni Gear
studio effects pedalboard - 2005
Tariqh Akoni Gear
touring rack – 2003-5
Tariqh Akoni Gear
touring rack for 2006-2007
1. Divided by Thirteen FTR37 input 1 for cleans
2. Divided by Thirteen FTR37 input 2 for semi dirty, and tough tones
3. Blankenship Variplex Channel 1 for crunch
4. Blankenship Variplex Channel 2 for crunch (for single coils)
5. All of this is switched with an Axess switcher (slightly modified by Dave "the man" Friedman)
6. The signal goes to a GCX switcher with the following pedals (not necessarily in order)
a. Demeter Compulator compressor
b. Boss GE 10 EQ (kicked in for solos)
c. Tube Screamer (used for front pickup for strat leads)
d. Fulltone OCD (used for low volume/high gain, and "Beatlesy" stuff
e. Line 6 Mod Pro for time synced modulation stuff
7. Then the signal goes to the amps
8. The amps are mic'd and go through the Aphex mic pre
9. The Aphex signal goes through the Eclipse and then DI to the board 100% wet

As a result, the FOH uses the Shure KSM44 and SM57 blended for the Dry tone, and my stereo effected signal for the Wet tone.

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